Eight Supplies From the Art Store I Can’t Live Without

Artists love art supplies! Illustrator and author Cleo Papanikolas shares the 10 supplies from the art store (and other places!) that she can’t live without! 1. Go-To Drawing Pencils My go-to drawing pencil is a Staedtler Mars HB. It doesn’t smear much when I paint over it. When it starts getting short I use a […] Read More

Travel Journals for Artists

Inspirations and Ideas from Artist Illustrator, muralist, animator and author has documented his life during the last 25 years in over 300 sketchbooks. Needless to say he is the Sketch Kon artist and instructor we went to for an insider’s look on travel journals for artists and what kind of creativity and inspiration can come out of […] Read More

Mix Master Amy Cutler

In Amy Cutler’s creations, folklore, fairy tales, and personal iconography all vie for attention—and presence on the page. No question about it Amy Cutler is an artistic mixologist. The inspirations for her drawings and gouache-on-paper works encompass anxieties about global warming, Persian dynastic stories, a favoured pair of shoes and deceased family members. An idea […] Read More

An Artist Declutters Her Life And Paints All Her Possessions

380 Paintings In All With the expansive popularity of Marie Kondo and her KonMari methods for tidying up thousands of people worldwide are getting inspired to live more simply clearing out their clutter and simplifying their lives and spaces. Artists — even those who love art materials as many of us do — are finding the idea […] Read More

The Not-So-Still Lifes of Water colorist Dawn Clements

We were saddened to learn that artist Dawn Clements, whose large, cumulative still life works captured the joy of everyday life, passed away recently at the age of 60. According to the obituary by Neil Genzlinger for The New York Times: “Dawn Clements, whose intricate drawings and water colours captured detailed scenes from her own life and from […] Read More

Watercolor Batik Art on Rice Paper

The Process of Watercolor Batik Discover the beauty and possibilities of batik art. Artist Donna J. Dubsky takes us through the watercolor batik process from beginning to end and shares her insights and tips for artists who want to experiment with making beautiful watercolor paintings on rice paper. Enjoy! For watercolor skills that you could […] Read More

Colorful Watercolor Screen Printing

With Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks The art of polychromatic screen printing is to print with many colors at once. A technique that’s useful to printers, mixed media artists, and painters alike, the opportunity to produce several multi-colored prints in one application is the appeal here. Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks are perfect for this technique, and […] Read More

The Elements and Principles of Art

15 Essentials for Every Artform What if you had the keys to the artistic kingdom? With each of these essential for making art, that is exactly what you have. Understanding and applying the building blocks of art (or the elements and principles of art as they are often called) is what takes an artist from […] Read More

Bible Journaling Art Oopsies and Repairs

Bleeding The most common “mess” comes from mediums that bleed through the paper. Let’s first look at the difference between “bleeding” and “ghosting,” Ghosting is a normal trait of thin paper that we regularly ignore; it’s the greyed-out image of the ink that shows through any page of the Bible. Our eyes gloss right over […] Read More

10 Tips for Springtime Art

Spring into Springtime Art Almost any artist will tell you that there’s a certain appeal to working outdoors that can’t be found anywhere else. With spring in full swing many of us will leave our studios for our porches backyards and beyond and spring into springtime art, such as landscapes. Springtime in Giverny by Claude Monet […] Read More