Top 5 Inspiring Stories of Successful Photographers

 Top 5 Inspiring Stories of Successful Photographers

Taking iconic photography goes beyond just using a camera to capture a moment. A professional photographer is in the business of using cameras to take pictures which are developed into prints or prepared as digital photos. Photographers know how to use cameras, take advantage of lighting, use lighting equipment, work with their subjects or objects to make them look good and edit their work to enhance its beauty or a certain perspective of the photo.

It takes a long process to become a good photographer or better yet a great photographer and it usually takes a lot of effort,passion motivation, ambition, hard work and adventurous. A good photographer focuses on beating his or her competition in whatever photography niche he or she has chosen, while great photographers are pacesetters creating distinct photos that people go searching for. This kind of photographers have a brand and a name in their niche.

However many of these photographers did not become photographers overnight and had to go through a long and tedious process to become who they are. Today we’ll be looking at the inspiring stories of five successful photographers who faced before they became the well-known photographers they are today.

Annie Leibovitz

Anna-Lou Leibovitz was born in Connecticut as the third child of six children to parents with Eastern European and Jewish decent. Annie, as she grew up being called got her passion for art from her mother who was a modern dance instructor. Her family moved around a lot when she was a child because her father was a lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force. Her family credits her success as a photographer to their numerous moves since she grew up seeing the world from the windows of a car.

Annie wanted to be a painter at first and even started attending the San Francisco Art Institute with other students who usually buy essays from with the intention of becoming an art teacher. A photography workshop she took in her second semester was her first step into a long and fruitful photography career. She immediately changed her major to photography after the workshop.

While she was still a student, Leibovitz showed her photograph of Poet Allen Grinsberg at an anti-Vietnam to Jim Wenner, the creator of the Rolling Stones Magazine. Wenner immediately recognized her talent and hired her to be a contributing photographer to his magazine. Leibovitz was already the chief photographer for Rolling Stones and with the artistic freedom to experiment with her work she enjoyed with Rolling Stones.

Leibovitz created iconic images featuring influential musicians of the era like Elton John and Bob Dylan. However despite her success Leibovitz’s work at Rolling Stones was jeopardized by her hard partying and excessive drug use. It was after her rehabilitation that she was approached by Vanity Fair a much more mainstream magazine. She took up and it was there she started taking her celebrity portraits. Soon enough, celebrities began to request to work with Leibovitz. And she is now known as a celebrity portrait photographer almost as famous as the people she photographed.

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